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The Textmapping Project
A resource for teachers improving reading comprehension skills instruction

Using Scrolls

Fourth and fifth grade students collaborate to map a difficult text. They can see at a glance the layout and content across many pages. This encourages them to stretch, question and discuss.

Photograph: Fourth and fifth grade students collaborate to map a difficult text.
© 2004 Renee Goularte
reprinted by permission

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Bullet point Scrolls and Textmapping are most effective when used by individuals or small groups because these are the settings that best support hands-on learning.

Bullet point That said, there are situations in which it makes more sense to work together as a class on a single scroll. For example, it makes sense to introduce Textmapping to your students by taping a scroll to the blackboard. This allows you to quickly preview the text - to discuss both the overall scroll and selected features.
Drawing of a teacher taping scroll to blackboard.

Bullet point The scroll and blackboard together form an extended, unified marking area. There are a number of advantages to using scrolls on the blackboard.

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